This AI Will Understand Not Just What You're Doing, But Why – By Yoram Kraus

This AI Will Understand Not Just What You're Doing, But Why  – By Yoram Kraus

We are quickly approaching a landscape where technology & artificial intelligence permeate all aspects of life, where the "device" may become almost irrelevant. Up and coming tech company, infi, brings a new way of living your digital life beyond your smartphone, connecting users' digital and real life. We are clearly entering a new era where growth of traditional devices has ended and you have to think differently – is AI the next big thing? What is the next step beyond the smartphone?

infi creates the perfect synergy between human and machine

יורם קראוס מייסד אינפיבונד

Today's biggest issue users are facing is too much content. 27 million pieces of content are published daily – how is any fully-functioning human being supposed to keep up with everything they're interested in, online and off? They can't.

In the content world, quality matters. But what exactly makes "quality" content? There are dozens of criteria to measure quality content but despite search engine algorithms growing more complex and technology improving, one measure is and will be relevant in 2016 is authentic data and content. Quality content is what companies, marketers, Google and everyone else is looking for. As users create and upload their personal content onto different platforms, companies that will find a way to use this information for their own and their users' benefit – combined with the use of advanced security measures – will gain a big advantage over the rest of the pack. And this is what infi does.

For the past 3 years,yoram kraus and  infi has been building the most precise, quality database where users import and enter content off of social media accounts and devices, building a rich timeline containing text, photos and videos about their lives. infi's algorithm analyzes information entered by its users and in addition, presents users with various questions, gathering more precise information about them.

With the data uploaded by users, infi will create the next generation of artificial intelligence based on a perfect synergy between human and machine. This virtual human will learn its user to the point it will duplicate their consciousness through advanced algorithms, AI systems, images, text and data processing. This avatar will become the digital reflection of the user's own consciousness, holding a contextual understanding not just on what the user is doing, but why. This understanding will elevate the relationship between user and AI to the most personal level.

One of infi's AI main goals is to assist users with different approaches of information consumption: search, find and connect users with relevant information based on their preference. Suggesting new information that users are not exposed to and that might interest them. Through their avatar, users will be able to control inbound content, filtering relevant things but also allowing for meeting new content if predicted it might be of any value to them.

Some users are worried about the big words 'AI' and its consequences. However, that doesn't mean that every possible AI future is a disaster waiting to happen. "It's really just trying to increase the probability that the future will be good," says Elon Musk, the SpaceX and Tesla founder. "If AI power is broadly distributed to the degree that we can link AI power to each individual's will — you would have your AI agent, everybody would have their AI agent — then if somebody did try to something really terrible, then the collective will of others could overcome that bad actor."

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