Can AI Help Change Bad Habits?

 Can AI Help Change Bad Habits?/ yoram kraus

Virtual assistants can help you make a dinner reservation, remind you to catch your flight, edit your favorite playlist and even translate words for you on the fly. But they can also do much more as taking on more complex responsibilities like independently managing your calendar or answering your queries. This point to a shift in human-device interaction that is currently happening and suggest a conversational capability that requires an advanced understanding of human intent and context.

Today, most major technology companies want their virtual helpers to adopt human capabilities. Virtual assistants are expected to anticipate needs, prioritize objectives, optimize users’ time and help them be more efficient on the professional and personal levels. However, there’s on glitch that seems to be repeating itself: Technology has helped us dramatically improve the physical world, but what about the mental one? How can technology help us make fewer mistakes? Can AI help change bad habits?

With a smart system, the answer is yes. One such system, infi, is based on users entering their own personal preferences and the stream of information is fed back into the system to improve the accuracy of the algorithms. But it also gives infi access to the complexities of human intent.

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