Yoram Kraus – Everyday Life-Tracking App Helps You Improve Your Life

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 Yoram Kraus – Everyday Life-Tracking App Helps You Improve Your Life

Wearable technology has been a hot topic in fitness and medical innovation for several years now. A growing number of people choose to track their physical shape or progress with gadgets, whether it's a wrist band, a smartwatch or an app. They use self-monitoring to watch their pulse, walking or running distance, manage their disease and medicine intake, and watch how many calories they consumed or how many hours they've slept.  But a new trend now proves that not only do personal info gives you insight into who you are and how you're spending your days, it can also help you make changes over time.

Although self-monitoring has the scope to transform physical and healthcare, it also plays a bigger role. Research shows that self-monitoring helps people set realistic goals and track their progress and it is proven as an effective behavior change technique. People use these tools to get better at sports or watch over their health but self-monitoring also has a surprising added value: it improves mental well-being. This conclusion comes from the work of many researchers and personal experience of people who self-monitor themselves. They suggests that  this technology is even better suited to mental health and offers new tools for tracking, allows for the discovery and change of patterns, and for self-control and improvement.

One company that came up with a solution for this growing need is infi, the world's first life-platform. The infi team had one, major obstacle they were trying to tackle: technology has helped us dramatically improve the physical world, but what about the mental one? How can technology help us become the better version of ourselves?

This is why infi created its life platform – a unique, super-system that connect all other platforms, provide dynamic content, services  and information through individually-tailored content for users based on their changing needs. It allows users to collect their photos, videos, media and files from all social networks, platforms and devices into their infi account, allowing for total control, privacy and social sharing options.

This process results with the richest, highest-quality data of each user, and through A.I. engines, statistical algorithms & psychological learning, infi allows users to monitor and analyze their behavior and identify repeated patterns that result in psychological difficulties, like the connection between a certain time or place to a certain mood or symptom. These kinds of tools would make monitoring to an active and efficient therapeutic tool as users go through an inner process where they become aware of things that happen to them and their ability to influence them. This is a major shift from being passive to being proactive that results with a true change in users' lives.

Regarding the issue of privacy, many people who monitor themselves use third-party apps. This information is stored somewhere else, which makes it extremely sensitive as it can be used illegally by hackers, companies etc. But this feeling of unease should not determine our response to technology in self-monitoring: infi offers its users a tool that allows them to own and control their personal data and to decide if and how much data they want to share. Users get the full benefits of fully monitoring their life under the highest security setting.

Check out infi on Google Play. To learn more about infi, visit us at infi.com or check out our blog.

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